You can now own a piece of Lake Camanche!!!

Camanche Reservoir, also known as Lake Camanche, was created with the completion of Camanche Dam in 1963. The communities of Camanche, Lancha Plana, and Poverty Bar were flooded by the creation of this reservoir. The region was originally settled during the gold rush in to three separate towns. As the gold rush slowed, these towns population began to decrease. Settlers from Iowa named the largest remaining town “Camanche” after a town in Iowa. Camanche remained a small town, and was eventually evacuated by the East Bay Municipal Utility District to build the dam and reservoir that exists there today.  It is fed by the Mokelumne River, including tributaries such as Rabbit Creek and Camanche Creek.

Mokelumne River Hatchery was created down river of the Camanche Reservoir to help increase the dwindling fish population that once existed. The returning Chinook salmon has increased by more than 3,000 from 1998 to 2003.

Mark Twains The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County - Recreational Park Models and Vacation Cottages

Although you never have to leave the lake, you are in close proximity to vineyards, restaurants, caves, panning, and an exceptional vacation experience. Some of the many things you can enjoy to pass the time include:

You can literally lose yourself in all the opportunities to share time with family

Lake Camanche happily offers multiple Camping types, such as:

  • Tent Camping
  • RV Sites
  • Vacation Cottages

NOW there is an additional option, you can have your Home in the heart of the California Gold Country!!

Lake Camanche has recently finalized a deal with Reliable Home Solutions to set 25 Homes between their North and South Shore Mobile Home Parks! Let Reliable Home Solutions (who understands building requirements for installation at Lake Camanche) get you into the Home of your dreams. Please call for specific details about the 6-month promotion and offerings at Lake Camanche! The three site maps with obtainable spaces (highlighted in green) are available to view at the bottom of this page below the video.


Reliable Home Solutions has Manufactured Homes, Recreational Park Models, and even Modular options to fit any need. Whether you enjoy the entire Gold Country experience and want a place to hang your hat; or are a RV Park Owner wanting to increase your revenue; or you see this as prime investment opportunity; Reliable Home Solutions has the Experience and Knowledge to meet your needs.

Contact us today to see how you too can own a piece of the California Gold Country, that still seems to be lost in time.