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Member Profile: Reliable Home Solutions

Gasoline prices have leaped to over $4.00 a gallon! The Real Estate Market has been in a free fall for the last five years! Unemployment has kept a steady keel at 12%! We regularly see TV commercials telling us that 7,000 people per day are reaching the age of retirement.

"What has happened to the dream?"

Those were the conditions when Reliable Home Solutions decided to come to the Sacramento / San Joaquin Delta. We had an idea! We viewed the Delta area with all its charm and beauty as a great vacation spot. We thought,

"what would it take to turn the entire Delta into a world class destination resort?"

We saw two basic problems. First the economy is in a shambles. The Marinas and RV Parks are open for business; however, everybody is competing for smaller portions of the decimated pie. It didn’t take a genius to see that trying to jump start the local economy would be challenging.

Secondly, sufficient lodging accommodations to support an increased influx of visitors are not in place. Presently, the only way to truly enjoy an overnight stay at a Delta resort is with an; RV, a Fifth Wheel, a Travel Trailer and / or a tent. Some people (like my wife) who want to enjoy the Delta don’t like to camp and the hotels are generally located in the larger cities and towns. The bed and breakfasts are great but many of them are not on the water.

Reliable Home Solutions has the answer! We are in the factory built housing business. We market; Manufactured, Modular and Vacation Cottages. We have developed a cooperative Marketing Plan, that benefits both business owners and their customers alike.

The plan is unique in that it is built around the good will already created by local businesses! Each Resort, Marina, and RV Park is unique. Each has its own individual flavor and allure. Over the years the owners have faithfully served their customers. It is the memories that keep their customers coming back

We can offer affordable accommodations to Delta lovers. Reliable Home Solutions will be marketing Vacation Cottages in the Delta. We believe that families will stay longer. More RV spaces will be rented for longer periods. This will translate into more income for the entire area. Attractive long term “Vacation Cottage” financing is available. These are challenging times! Many businesses are struggling. Without realizing it they are holding the key to their own prosperity. Reliable Home Solutions has a way to help. Imagine when the word gets out to your customers that they can own a Vacation Cottage at a location of their choice.” Whose door will they come knocking on?

By working together everyone wins. More families than ever before will have the fabulous California Delta just minutes from their own front door! Please contact me today and I will help you get started.

Gene Davis, President
Reliable Home Solutions
14900 W. Hwy 12, Lodi, CA 95242
P: 877.442.4403

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